Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Top 10 Reasons To Hope Rush Limbaugh Lands The Rams

10. Chants of "Rush! Rush!" might get the Rams to give Steven Jackson the ball 30 times like they should be doing.

9. Concession sales of nachos and chili cheese dogs guaranteed to skyrocket.

8. Ready-made promotion: "Husky Narrow-Minded Bigot" Night.

7. Might drive Al Franken to buy the Chiefs.

6. He can't be any worse at owning a sports franchise than George W. Bush.

5. Leftover Green Bay Cheeseheads easily convertible to Dittoheads.

4. Budweiser theme song replaced on PA system by "Barack The Magic Negro."

3. Offensive linemen won't feel so fat around him.

2. Players will have access to OxyContin right in the owner's box.

1. Maybe it will get him off the radio.

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