Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Just a note about how little touches can make the difference.

When I left the house this morning, I noticed one of my tires was a little low. A pet peeve of mine, though, is paying a gas station 50 cents for the privilege of using its air hose. I mean, for God's sake, it's freaking air.

With no time to quibble, however, I pulled into the Esso at the corner of Dufferin and Teston in Richmond Hill. I was fishing around for a couple of quarters when I glanced up and realized the station had installed a spanking-new air machine. I could see it had a digital readout and electronic touchpad, and looked more like some home appliance than an air station.

I hopped out of the car and looked at it. Automatic gauge set for 32PSI, easy to read, and best of all -- free!

I quickly filled the tire, then went inside for a cup of coffee and a granola bar I didn't really need. Goodwill from the free air had netted Esso a tidy little profit, and the station charged me for the air, I would have never made a purchase.

I told the fellow inside they now had my undying loyalty. We both laughed, but it's true -- I'll go out of my way now to buy gas there, and I'm willing there are other people who will change their habits because of a wise decision by someone in Esso management.

Bravo, Esso!

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