Wednesday, October 25, 2006

A few Hollywood notes:

* A word to Madonna, who appears on Oprah this afternoon -- shut the hell up.

If you weren't smart enough to grasp there might be some backlash from you going overseas to adopt a baby when there are tons of children right in your own backyard who need a good home, you're an idiot.

Actually, we've known that since you chose to make Desperately Seeking Susan and dance around wearing a couple of oil funnels over your breasts -- but it's nice to have your opinions reinforced occasionally.

Sure, maybe you really want another baby. That's nice. But the fact that you swept in like some slutty monsoon and used your celebrity to expedite hustling a child out of Africa makes your handling of this all wrong.

I'd like to see the whole process reversed, as it has to be some kind of child abuse for Madonna to be touching a baby with those gnarly hands of hers. Christ, it'd be like being cuddled by Flo from Alice.

* Two brothers are suing FOX for allegedly stealing their idea for the hit show Prison Break.

Robert and Donald Hughes say they sent in a manuscript in 2001 detailing their four years spent on the run after being wrongly imprisoned in the 1960s and then breaking out. The article also says the brothers now live on disability and social security payments, which explains why they were watching FOX in the first place.

* Tom and Katie have set a date for the wedding! Nov. 18, with Giorgio Armani designing the dress.

And yes, Katie's the one wearing it.

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