Monday, September 11, 2006

A little information on how the picks are running thus far for Week One (first indicator is ATS, second is SU):

Pittsburgh covers Miami W/W
St. Louis covers Denver L/L
NY Jets cover Tennessee W/W
Buffalo covers New England L/W
Baltimore covers Tampa Bay L/L
Cincy covers KC W/W
Detroit covers Seattle L/W
Atlanta covers Carolina L/W
New Orleans covers Cleveland W/L
Philly covers Houston W/W
Jacksonville covers Dallas W/L
Chicago covers Green Bay W/W
San Francisco covers Arizona L/W
Indy covers NY Giants L/L
Minnesota covers Washington W/W

At this point, The Hoser is 8-7 ATS and 10-5 SU. We are, however, two-for-two in the Trifecta -- go San Diego! Here's how the money will be bet so we can keep a bank for the season:

$100 on each ATS
$300 on the Lock of the Week
$100 on the Trifecta (which pays at 6:1)

The LOTW will jump to $500 on the weeks with fewer games. I bet I hit it while I'm going cheap.

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