Monday, August 21, 2006

My wife and I went to one of our favorite new restaurants Saturday night -- Jerusalem Buffet on Leslie. As you can tell from the linked review, I was extremely impressed with the place, and hadn't been disappointed the last couple of times either.

Saturday night, however, was a different story. My wife and I took Mackenzie with us in her stroller as usual. The restaurant was busy, and so we waited for a minute or two until the hostess took us to a table. Unfortunately, it was a two-seat in the main aisle, with nowhere to put the stroller. We pointed this out and said we would wait until a more suitable table came available.

This seemed to fluster the hostess, who seated a few other parties before waving us around the same corner and pointing to a nearly identical table. When I told her we would have the same problems, she told us to put the baby behind us in an empty space! She also suggested that we take the baby seat out of the stroller and put Mackenzie on the floor in the aisle.

I'm not sure where the hell she thought she got off telling us what we should do with our child, let alone to put a baby on the floor in the main traffic pattern of a busy buffet. I spoke with someone I assume was the manager or owner and told him we had been to his plce three times with no issues and was told, "But you see how busy we are!"

Yes, I did see how busy you were -- that's why I said we'd be happy to wait. I assume that was an issue because the restaurant was only interested in putting us in a two-top. I also suspect that because we were seated in the past by the waiter (Magdi was one, and a great guy), it wasn't a problem.

I have been recommending Jerusalem to just about everyone I know, and I still can't tell you not to go based on the food -- it's excellent. Just be sure not bring a child, or if you do, make sure he or she has a helmet and some shoulder pads.

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