Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The family headed down to the Rogers Centre on Monday to take in the Jays-A's game, and three really nifty things happened:

1) We saw Dave Chappelle sitting outside a hotel having a smoke. My wife saw him first and we both marvelled at how much this fellow looked like Chapelle ... and then he put his cigarette to his lips and I knew it was him.

Chapelle has that peculiar way of holding his smoke between second and third finger and putting his palm almost against his face. When he did that, I knew it was him.

My wife told the guy in the convertible next to us to look back and he'd see Chapelle. I thought this was funny because the guy was black and I half-expected him to say, "What, you think all black people look like Dave Chapelle?" but he saw him also and almost bashed into the car in front of him.

Later, I was kicking myself for not yelling, "I'm rich, biatch!" out the window.

2) Ted Lilly acted like a little punk. After being spotted an 8-0 lead in the third inning, he proceeded to come out and give up five runs before recording an out. Two batters (who both reached base) later, manager John Gibbons came out to get him and Lilly refused to give him the ball, jawing at his skipper and finally stomping off the field to a big chorus of boos.

I'm not here to defend Gibbons. I think he'll be fired at the end of the season. But Lilly should have been released that night. I suppose you could handle it when David Wells flipped out on Cito Gaston 15 years ago and threw a ball over the outfield wall in anger -- see, Wells didn't suck. Lilly's a wanker with a very limited upside.

Ditch him.

3) Mackenzie got on the Jumbotron -- twice!

We were fortunate enough to get a set of VIP tickets from a customer of mine (thanks, Stu!) and the roving cameraman for the closed-circuit TV in the stadium put Mac up briefly on the system around the second inning. The Jays in-house guy then did a short "interview" with Mackenzie, asking her which Jay she thought she looked most like.

I think all of this attention was predicated on two things -- Mackenzie is really cute, and we had purchased hats for both her and Cabot before the game. It was nice marketing for the Jays store, and she even smiled a little more than she did here:

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By the way, the revamped VIP Club 200 level is amazing. Food is delivered to your seat, the view is terrific and the staff is wonderful. Shawna was our hostess for the night and she could not have been nicer or more helpful. In fact, we got help from several folks at the stadium getting the baby stroller in. Thanks to all of them!

I can't wait to go back and attack the buffet.

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