Saturday, August 19, 2006

I had to add this photo also, and a little more information about my daughter Mackenzie, who is now five months old.

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Mackenzie is doing an little things that just totally flip me out, I suppose because she's my first child. They won't mean much to most people, but it's like someone walking on water to me.

She's now:

* eating baby food and cereal and enjoying it immensely. I can't imagine how she can be my daughter and enjoy peas as much as she does, though.
* sitting up on her own and only falling over occasionally. She also does these pilates-type moves where she holds her head and feet up at the same time. It's like she's doing crunches -- soon she'll be "Baby Six Pack" or something.
* laughing hysterically. My wife tickles her and she just goes nuts, a steady roll of guffaws and chortles that gets me going also.
* playing with my Stitch rocket car. She sits on the floor or in my lap and rolls it around. I also fly it in circles around her head, which is just mean because eventually she topples over trying to follow it. Still funny, though.

One other thing, a question for the new fathers: when you hear a baby cry, say in a store or the mall ... does it upset you? I think there's something so universal about the sounds a baby makes when he/she is upset that it makes me tear up almost every time.

Or maybe I'm just a big wuss.

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