Sunday, March 19, 2006

Thanks to my buddies over at Sportsfilter -- only the bestest sports site on the intarweb -- for the kind words on the arrival of Canada's next curling sensation.

This, from our friend Samsonov14, was the best, though:

Fraze, I just sort of skimmed the thread, and I was pretty sure your pic was a first-person view of a cyborg throttling a tiny eskimo. I was relieved when I learned that this was not the case. The real story made me happy for you (and also tiny eskimos, bless their little icy hearts).

Congrats, dude!

It's nice to know really smart and funny people.

By the way, the nurse who checked out Mac on our way home referred her bowel movements as "peeing and dirting." That might be the funniest emphemism I've ever heard. I hope somehow I can make it catch on -- "I was so scared I dirted my pants!"

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JG said...

Congrats Fraze! She's a cutie and I love the name!