Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just an update for those wondering -- Mackenzie Jane and mother are both doing fine. MJ has found her voice and has been a little squawky at times, but she's mostly good-natured and pleasant. She's so quiet, in fact, that sometimes I'm glad to hear her cry a little -- just not at 4 a.m.

The fun part has been watching Cabot adjust. He'll be five soon and the universe has revolved around him in both his mother's house and his father's house, I think. Now, he has one sister in our house and another in his dad's. That's a tough lump to swallow, I would imagine -- suddenly having an attention drop of at least 50% in both places. I know I'd be pissy, at least.

We've been very lucky, though. Cabot, after a pouty and crabby first few days, has responded like a trooper. He's been extremely affectionate with his new little sister, and I think he understands that Mackenzie's going to require an extraordinary amount of care.

I'm also lucky enough that I now can take two consecutive days off from the store (Sunday and Monday) and spend much of them with the family. The two of us hit Chuck E. Cheese yesterday and had a blast. Cabot has his eye on a huge pirate ship, and he's patiently saving up for it. Unfortunately, I stink at winning those stupid tickets, so I suspect it will be a good 20-30 trips before he gets to take it home. Anyone with any tips can certainly feel free to drop them here.

We also walked the behemoth that is Vaughn Mills. I was saddened to see Unique Games is closing up. Anyone in the area should stop in, as everything is 50% off right now. Yhey have some exceptionally nice chess sets (which I believe are discounted even more deeply) and a ton of interesting board games.

Cabot and I received balloon swords and had a couple of minor skirmishes in the hallway before hitting the Disney store. When is someone going to make Incredibles underwear in my size? I mean, here the boy gets a six-pack of these brightly-coloured drawers, and I get nothing. It's a conspiracy.


Creative Mercenary said...

Cabot's done well on this side too. He's been generous with Finley (his other sister). Because he's not here full time, he didn't have as big a disruption. Must be tough to have your entire life scrambled over three months.

Ditto on the Incredibles togs...

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