Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm really into autographs and that stuff. I just picked up a huge lot from Leland's auction house in New York, more than 170 8x10s. There are some great names -- Johnny Depp, Barbara Streisand, Russell Crowe -- but the most fun has been trying to figure out who some of the unknowns are. I just knew maybe the top 30-40 of the pieces, and the rest was a crapshoot.

This has been especially difficult considering I watch very few movies and very little television. I think I'm happiest with a Val Kilmer auto'd promo shot from "Top Secret," one of my favorite comedies. I also got two Chaka Khan autographs, but even stranger -- I sold one of them the first day. I may start posting a random 8x10 here on occasion, just for fun. I'll put those who identify the signature into a pot and when I run out of John and Jane Does, I'll pick a winner and send out an autograph of someone suitably obscure.


Anonymous said...

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