Saturday, October 08, 2005

I just had to share this wonderful response to a comment I made on SportsFilter. The reality of just how low the Bush administration and the U.S. military has sunk in trying to get the American people to buy into the war in Iraq is amazingly plain in the saga of the family of former Arizona Cardinal Pat Tillman. Tillman was killed by friendly fire in Iraq, but the Army (and my gut tells me Donald Rumsfeld) chose to mislead the public and Tillman's parents about the incident, presumably to continue their use of Tillman as a PR figurehead for recruitment and the war.

Here was my reaction to the article:

Completely fucking despicable, and I'm not even talking about Ann Coulter (okay, I'm talking about Ann Coulter too). At what point do the American people realize what a bunch of lying jerks they've voted into office -- twice -- and set fire to the White House to roust these bastards?

/oh, and when exactly will Coulter enlist for her turn in Iraq?

Over the top, I admit ... but at some point, won't the American public just get tired enough of this stuff to revolt? Apparently not, as my new friend Phyllis Colburn wrote to me:

I just read your comments about "at what point do the Americian people realize what a bunch of lying jerks they voted into office, twice and set fire to the White House to roust these bastards." Needless to say, sir, I find your comments not only offensive but reckless. If you don't like Bush or his policies, fine. But burn down the White House? Come on!!!

I'm so sick of dealing with people like you who spend alot of time looking down their nose at everyone. Bush won in 2000 because the Democratic Party backed a Presidential nominee who was, and still is, an arrogant asshole who couldn't develop an original thought to save his life. And, he won again in 2004 because the Democrats nominated another arrogant asshole. He won because the Democrats and their buddies in the media, could not come up with a viable alternative. So, Mr Frazer, it's not about stupidity. Rather than encourage people to "burn down the White House", why don't you do yourself a favor and get your facts straight? Oh that's right. I forgot. You're Canadian. I stand corrected.

Hey, at least she called me "sir", right?

Phyllis, here's my response to you:

Dear Phyllis,

You know, after reading your email, I now completely agree with you. I really shouldn't hold the American people at fault for voting for Bush in both the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections. Al Gore and John Kerry are "arrogant assholes" for sure, especially the unoriginal Gore. No one would frame George Bush, a man who failed at just about every business venture he ever tried and yet finds himself intelligent enough to lead a country, as arrogant. Dubya was even clever enough to avoid Vietnam -- while those two Democratic dopes actually enlisted! Shoot, George has even said himself that God wants him to be President, which I find strange. I always thought of God as a socialist, but hey, who am I to question George, right?

I must also admit, Phyllis -- I, until recently, was a member of that soft-headed liberal media to which I think you were alluding. I mean, I've never voted for a Democratic presidental candidate in an election, and I wrote editorials in favor of America's actions in Iraq in the early days of the war, but it could have been a smoke screen, right? The paper is called the Spencer County Journal-Democrat after all. And it certainly wasn't the young men I interviewed coming back from Iraq -- poor kids who were duped into joining the National Guard as weekend warriors or the Army as a way to get a job and then sent to die in the desert, and older men forced overseas while their families were left to struggle at home while Bush's administration actually tried to cut combat pay -- who changed my mind, right? I think what turned me might have been all those WMDs we found in Iraq.

As you might have already guessed, Phyllis, I am an American. I still hold citizenship in the United States and left just over a year ago. I don't blame you for thinking my wrongheadedness comes from being a Canadian, though. I mean, when you think of a riot or violent protest, you always think Canada before the U.S., right? I mean, it's the Canadians who have been out there supplying weapons to terrorists for the last 30-40 years!

But don't worry, Phyllis -- I'll stay up North while I'm working to "get my facts straight." Actually, I guess you should worry a little. You do know about this little incident, right?


Wayne Frazer

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You are the wind beneath my wings, wfjr.

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