Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It was an exciting week for The Hoser, and not just because his long streak of being unable to pick a Lock of the Week now carries over from last season. Seriously, I'm the Detroit Lions of Locks.

After the early Sunday games we were 9-for-9 straight up on our Pro*Picks NFL Pool ticket, having called the Denver and NY upsets.

proline near miss

It looked like pretty smooth sailing for the last six games. How could Seattle, Arizona, New England or San Diego have any trouble?

It turned out there was plenty of trouble, but only Arizona -- which apparently replaced its offensive line with a bunch of six-year-old girls in the offseason -- kept me from claiming the big prize. I did win $50 on a parlay of the Broncos, Jets and and Falcons, so I can't beef too much.

Save your pity for this guy, TyWebb (about halfway down), who was 14/14 heading into the final game and had the Raiders. Man, I would be going nuts.

Anyhow, still a pretty decent start to the season, as the numbers below reflect:

2009 Week One Hoser Picks

Straight Up: 15-1
Against The Spread: 10-6
Lock of the Week: 0-1
Trifecta: 0-1
Money: $-60

I'll also be adding my actual totals spent for the season in the future.

2009 Week One Money Spent: $20
2009 Week One Money Made: $50
2009 Total: $30

Picks will up Thursday morning for Week Two.

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