Friday, June 25, 2010

What the hell is going on at the FAN 590? I was just talking with a customer and it seems like they fired just about everyone they could find roaming the halls -- Landry, Stellick, Jack Armstrong and most notably to me, Mike Hogan.

Hogie to me was the best in Toronto because he was willing to talk all sports, even CIS football. Perhaps that's what was his downfall -- not pandering to the moron callers who don't have anything to say except, "Leafs are going to be great this year!"

No, they aren't.

Greg Brady has been snatched away from 640 to host a two-hour hockey show (I'm down with that) and the silky-smooth Doug Farraway takes over in the morning, although that may just be temporary.

I'm calling it here -- Wilner in the morning FTW!

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