Friday, January 09, 2009

Welcome to The Hoser's NFL Postseason Picks, Week Two, where we're wishing now-former Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski good luck with his next job interview -- at Burger King.

The Hoser nailed it last week, going a perfect four-for-four both against the spread and straight up. Why couldn't we be this eerily accurate during the regular season? Oh right, 16 games instead of four.

The Cowboys finally figured out having PacMan Jones around to average 4.5 yards per punt return and pick off exactly zero passes wasn't really worth it, cutting him loose this week. We swear to God, according to this article in the Kansas City Star, Jones actually said football isn't everything to him. "I loves me some me," Jones said.

No kidding.

You might think Jones's next stop would be prison, or alcohol rehab. We can only think of one more appropriate place -- Oakland.

As always, these picks are just for fun. Using them to wager money is advisable as going for a cruise in the Suez Canal.

Baltimore (+2.5) at TENNESSEE -- O/U 34: We have absolutely no faith in the Titans. Do we need to say anything besides that? Ravens 20, Titans 19.

Arizona (+9.5) at CAROLINA -- O/U 48: The Panthers are undefeated at home this season, and the Cardinals are 0-5 on the East Coast. That's enough to overcome my Kurt Warner mancrush. Panthers 28, Cardinals 20.

Philadelphia (+4.5) at NY GIANTS -- O/U 40.5: Is anything scarier than a division game in the playoffs? For New York -- who has already lost to Philadelphia at home this season -- there shouldn't be. A lot depends on Brandon Jacobs, but we'll take the Iggles on the road. Philadelphia 23, New York 19.

San Diego (+6) at PITTSBURGH -- O/U 38: We're not a huge fan of the Steelers right now -- but we're also thinking Darren Sproles is not going to run through Pittsburgh the way he did the Colts. The cold weather will keep it close, though. Steelers 17, Chargers 14.

Postseason Record:

Against The Spread: 4-0

Straight Up: 4-0

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