Saturday, January 03, 2009

As you can see below, The Hoser nailed the first pick, and now what we thought we be a shocker:

Indianapolis Colts (+1) at SAN DIEGO CHARGERS -- O/U 50: San Diego 27, Indianapolis 21.

Whether LT plays or not, we'll take the hot hand at home. Besides, even if Christmas is past, Chargers backup RB Darren Sproles is still our favourite little elf.

Baltimore Ravens (+3) at MIAMI DOLPHINS -- O/U 37.5: Baltimore 21, Miami 16.

Sorry, Charlie -- this is where The Tuna's amazing run ends. The Ravens will put the clamp down on Miami's only-adequate offense.

Philadelphia Eagles (+3) at MINNESOTA VIKINGS -- O/U 41.5: Philadelphia 31, Minnesota 16.

The lone blowout. Playoff experience trumps ... one really fantastic running back and not a whole lot else.

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