Tuesday, December 04, 2007

An update on the Canadian Tire "money" post from last week. Here's the response I received from CT:

Dear Mr. Frazer,

Thank you for contacting our office regarding your recent experience.

We apologize that this product did not meet your expectations and thank you for taking the time to bring this to our attention. It is through the input of customers like yourself that we are best able to monitor such concerns and identify areas of possible improvement.

Please be assured Canadian Tire Corporation and our Associate stores strive to provide both quality products and excellent service to our customers.

Canadian Tire "Money" or Canadian Tire "Money" on the card is earned on all purchases paid for by cash, debit, Canadian Tire Credit Card and Options MasterCard. This program, exclusive to Canadian Tire, rewards our cash paying customers as well as our Canadian Tire cardholders instantly for their purchases.

Canadian Tire "Money" is treated with the same care and can be used in the same fashion as actual money. One dollar in Canadian Tire "Money" is equal to one actual dollar in our stores. Due to this fact, when a product is returned it is expected to have the Canadian Tire "Money" that was earned returned as well. If the Canadian Tire "Money" is not returned the amount will be deducted from the refund. If you do not wish to receive any Canadian Tire "Money", simply inform the cashier at the start of the transaction. Your receipt will then show that no Canadian Tire 'Money' was earned and will not be deducted if you return the item.

Products purchased on the Canadian Tire Credit Card and Options MasterCard, when returned, will automatically have the Canadian Tire "Money" on the card deducted.

In a situation where a customer is using a credit card other than Canadian Tire, Canadian Tire "Money" is not issued for the simple reason that the customer will be benefiting from the reward program issued by that financial institution.

Our success is based on the voice of our customers. We thank you for providing us with the opportunity to respond.


Customer Relations Representative
Canadian Tire Corporation Limited

So ... a form letter. Thanks for all the personal service, CT. Much obliged.

I also appreciate finding out three years after my first visit to a Canadian Tire that if I ask the cashier not to give me CT "money" (the company's own quotation marks, not mine), it won't appear on the receipt. Someone want to let me know if that's posted anywhere in the store or at the register? I'd think someone would have mentioned it to me during one of the 100 or so transactions where I've declined it.


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MER1978 said...

When you return items to Shoppers or Zellers the Shoppers Optimum or HBC Rewards points you earned are deducted from your account... I really don't see how this is any different... less convenient I suppose... but really not all that different.

Anonymous said...

you truly have too much time on your hands. take the ct money, put it in your wallet. get a life and stop being so petty.

Anonymous said...

Three years and no one asked you if you did not want something for free,,There should be a big sign real big "YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE THE CTC MONEY IF YOU DON'T WANT IT ON YOUR BILL"
three years 100 transactions and you didn't ask them to take it off your bill.
I'm surprised it's not posted for the 1/2,000,000 people that request that.
You told one reader to get a dictionary, is that how you respond when challenged, an insult.
I am also surprised that the CEO did not take time out of his day to address this himself in writing, your lucky to have gotten a form letter as they wasted postage on a flaming nut job.

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, is your point that the $44.99 refund you expected to receive was reduced to $44.59 after they deducted the Canadian Tire money? I understand the other poster's arguments about the $0.40 deduction not being much, and while that may be true in this case, if Canadian dollars are being deducted from your refund as a result of your refusal to take Canadian dollars, then that, in my opinion, isn't fair. It's the principle of the situation, not the amount that matters. If Canadian dollars are being deducted then that is a problem in my opinion since the amount deducted could be used for other purposes and I wouldn't want it to be replaced by the much more limited Canadian Tire dollars.

For a "fee" of $0.40, I would probably just let it go, but for more expensive items, it would be very annoying having a considerable amount of Canadian dollars subtracted simply because I did not accept Canadian Tire money.

Of course, this is contingent on my correct understanding of your situation since I didn't actually watch the Marketplace story on this...at any rate, it's an interesting story.

Anonymous said...

I hate Canadian Tire and hope that they're driven right out of business. Stores like WalMart may be American but they know how to treat customers properly. Canadian Tire, on the other hand, seems smug and arrogant as if they believe they cannot lose market share regardless of how shitty they treat customers.
Only in Canada would you get a bunch of people (the die-hard Canadian Tire "fans") who will allow themselves to be shit on again and again by the CT rip-off Auto Centre or a cocky teenage clerk who is still wet behind the ears but thinks they know anything anyway.

Anonymous said...

I hate people that would put down Canadian compagnies for pennies. Why did you chose to go to C T in the first place? If I have something againce a store I stay away from it. It's a free world. Instead of trying to get something free for complaining.Your probebly the same person that will complain about a meal in a restaurent when there was nothing wrong with it just to get a discount of FREE.

Wayne Frazer said...

I chose to go to Canadian Tire because I was relatively new to the country and had done very little business with them. I gave them a chance and they a) sold me a defective product and b) pocketed some of my refund. Now I know, and I don't plan on going back.

More fake money for you that the company most likely tacks on to the price it charges in the first place.