Saturday, June 23, 2007

I'm really puzzled by the lack of a secondary move by Toronto general manager John Ferguson Jr. Here's how I figured on things playing out right before the trade:

1) Leafs bring in Curtis Joseph for not much money on a one-year deal. Since the Leafs aren't going to win a Cup this year anyway, he mentors both Raycroft and Pogge while playing 20-25 games and taking some of the pressure off of Razor.
2a) Raycroft matures and shows marked improvement, solidifying his place as the No. 1 and giving Pogge time to develop slowly. The Leafs spend their draft picks and cap dollars on big wingers, and Curtis rides off into the sunset an even bigger hero in the GTA tham he already is.


2B) Raycroft fails to develop, and the Leafs hit the free agent market to pick up a goalie, or decide to move up Pogge and possibly resign Joseph for one more year as the back-up.

Picking up Toskala isn't a bad move -- it just underscores the lack of direction in the Toronto front office. I can only guess Ferguson figures he can play them as a platoon for the season, allowing Maurice to ride the hot hand, then deal one or the other next season.

That's not a terrible plan, but I can't imagine it's going to make either one of the Leaf netminders very happy -- and it's not going to thrill fans, either.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Wayne,

Rumour has it(I know you are not one to necessarily subscribe to rumours per say) that the leafs camp has soured on Pogge. They feel that he is not close to being anywhere near NHL ready.

In my opinion, Raycroft is getting a really bum rap from people in Toronto. The guy played 72 games and set a leafs record for wins in a season. As you know, Toronto’s defense is arguably one of the worst in the entire league(McCabe/Kubina…Nuff Said). I like your Cujo idea only if he comes in as a mentor to Raycroft.

The thing that is perplexing with Ferguson is that he made a commitment (a long term one at that) to Raycroft. My suggestion is to hold on to Toskala and deal him(or Raycroft) at the trade deadline to a team needing a goalie(or a solid backup). I am not entirely sure if that makes sense but I think I can quote Voltaire in regards to Ferguson and declare “Common sense is not so common”

Take care,