Sunday, April 08, 2007

This was our first trip the Aji Sai on Bayview, although we have eaten at the same restaurant's Barrie location. As was true farther north, we were not disappointed!

We ordered the dinner menu and enjoyed the rolls and sushi, including our favourites, the spider roll, crazy love roll and aji sai roll. The butter fish and salmon sushimi was fresh and cut in nice pieces, and my two hand rolls featured perfectly sticky rice.

What sets Aji Sai apart is the wider selection of dishes. They make a terrific sesame chicken, fantastic crab cakes and wonderful cheese wontons -- things you might not be able to get from other AYCE sushi restaurants. There are also more than 30 rolls, so try a bunch of different stuff.

We were served incredibly fast for our first order, but the second took quite a long time. I think, however, that it was done, and they just missed bringing it out to us.

Staff was extremely courteous (and interested in how they stacked up against the Barrie restaurant!) and helpful, and they even left me a pitcher of ice water on the table! Take note, other restaurants!

Highly recommended and we'll definitely be back -- our five-year-old commands it!

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bleeeeeeeeeeeeeee said...

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Michael Valiant said...


I had no idea that Aji Sai was a chain and we've been frequenting the Barrie location for sometime (you can't beat all you can eat sushi for $10!)

Sounds like the Bayview location may be better than the barrie restaurant though... The staff in Barrie leave a little to be desired.

Thanks for the information!

Michael Valiant
(I talked a bit about the Barrie location on our site below:)