Monday, April 16, 2007

I'll post a little bit more about the media coverage of the attack at Virginia Tech, but after watching the press conference just a few minutes ago on CNN, there's at least one jackass who deserves a beating right now.

Some asshole actually asked VT's president how the shootings might affect recruiting and registration of new students. This is eight hours after 33 people have been killed.

Here's how Dr. Charles W. Steger should have responded:

"You ridiculous, insensitive fuck. We have more than 30 people dead on our campus, and you think I'm wondering about whether we'll have a problem filling our seats next term? Get out of this press conference before I come down there and snap your neck, you prick."

Of course, there shouldn't be any press conferences at this point. The media (and I used to be one of them) should all have to work from the same release sheets and the same canned quotes. Our right to know is not nearly as important as the necessity for people such as Dr. Steger and the police to do their jobs.

Our hearts are with you, Hokies.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Wayne! Very well said!


Wayne Frazer said...

Thanks, Chief!