Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My wife and I were finally in the car at the same time when Hinder's "Lips Of An Angel" came on. I turned to her and asked, "Do you think this song is as stupid as I do?"

She does. Michelle hates it for pretty much the same reasons I hate it -- boring guitar work, overengineering and a lead vocal that sounds like someone choking on an elephant dong.

But it goes beyond that for me. I've actually forced myself to hang on when I hear "Lips Of An Angel" to see who's requesting this tripe ... and it's women! Women who apparently don't know a future cheating wife-beater when they hear one.

Here are a couple lines from right at the beginning of the song:

Well, my girl's in the next room
Sometimes I wish she was you

His girl? Our protagonist is claiming ownership of one woman while he tells another he wishes she was her. He's also assuming the woman from his past will buy that he loves her with all his being ... despite the fact "his" girl is sitting in the next room. Are women stupid enough to fall for this?

I was just hoping there were a lot of morons out there. You know, the same people who request "Every Breath You Take" as their wedding song. But my wife says there are plenty of women out there who think they're the one to stop a guy from acting like a jackass, that they'll be able to stop the cheating.

Judging by the frequency it pops up on the airwaves and the number of people who have it incorporated into their MySpace pages, it suggests there is actually a large population of women who hear "Lips Of An Angel" and think, "I have a guy just like that in my life and I want him back."

Take a hint, ladies -- that guy will come back, knock you up, slap you around and fuck your friends. Go listen to some Pink and move on.

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