Thursday, January 25, 2007

The friendly folks at SportsFilter linked to an interesting mascot mishap this morning -- in which the Austin Toros have suspended their guy, Da Bull.

The big kerfuffle is a mascot ran onto the court with a whopping four-tenths of a second remaining on the clock to celebrate the win, inadvertantly collides with an opposing team's player and his head falls off (the mascot's, not the opposing player's) ... and he gets a two-game suspension and 50 hours of community service? Christ, the guy made a mistake in jumping the gun. Back off a little.

Frankly, the Toros should be thrilled this happened, as I'm a relatively sophisticated sports fan, and yet I had no inkling of the existence of their franchise. And what the hell is a Colorado 14er?

Anyhow, if your developmental team has a mascot that can dunk in a bull costume and yet you're still trying to devlop Loren Fucking Woods, I'd say you need to reevaluate your scouting staff.

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