Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tiger Woods has just purchased $38M worth of real estate for he and his wife on Jupiter Island. I'm not sure why people find these stories so fascinating -- he bought a house. So what if it has 37 bathrooms or eight kitchens?

Of course, people will also now start talking about how Woods is greedy or full of himself. Look, man, he made the money -- he can spend it however the hell he wants.

And would you want this sort of coverage of these sorts of things in your life?

Frazer acquires hamburger from local restaurant

BARRIE -- Wayne Frazer has completed a $6.80 purchase of a Whopper value meal from Burger King in downtown Barrie, Ontario, which for Americans is located in Canada.

Frazer, who grew up in southern Illinois, moved to Barrie in 2004 when he was shanghai'd married.

"I'm close to the Burger King," Frazer said Thursday. "I grew up near St. Louis not too far away from a Burger King, and I miss the BK. Being in Canada ... there's a bunch of restaurants, but they aren't Burger King."

The transaction marks the first Whopper combo vale meal sale in Simcoe County history to a former small-town Midwestern newspaper editor.

Frazer's new meal includes a 6-square-inch cheeseburger, several onion rings and a Diet Coke, perhaps leaving enough calories for an apple fritter. Records show the Whopper came with three pieces of lettuce, two tomato slices and extra cheese.

The Whopper was sold to three companies, each with a common Barrie address that belongs to The IceBox Sportscards and Collectibles, the selling agent for Frazer. He and his wife, Michelle, are listed as two of the company's principals.

Barrie, a gorgeous area north of Toronto considered among the nation's most likely areas to be sucked into Toronto, is home to several current and former NHL players and some beavers.

Frazer, who turned 35 last August, has a cheeseburger in his freezer which was recently assessed at $2.50. He and his family have also purchased burgers from Harvey's, Lick's and Wendy's, although the fries now suck there.

He said he likely also would keep continue buying food from The Keg, a somewhat-exclusive restaurant in Toronto with a teriyaki sirloin that he said is "better than that shoe leather crap they foist on you at Outback or Lone Star."

Courtesy SFNS (SportsFilter News Service)

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