Friday, January 27, 2006

According to a few New York sportswriters, former New York Rangers and Tampa Bay Lightning general manager Phil Esposito has interviewed for the soon-to-be-vacant New York Islanders GM position.

I happen to like Esposito, although I mainly know him through his broadcast work for the Lightning and his awful Steelhead Beer commercials. A serious note to the owner of that brewery -- you're not fooling anyone, man. Paying a bunch of older hockey players to pal around with you smacks of paying the cool kid in school to sit with you at lunch. Not that I did that or anything.

Still, making a run at the job only makes sense. It's high-profile, has an interested and deep-pocketed owner and hell, the winner is guaranteed to come off as a genius after Mike Milbury bumbled through his 10-year tenure like Foster Brooks in a crowded liquor store.

One more thing -- does anyone else hear Rodney Dangerfield say, "So don't tell 'em your Jewish!" every time Charles Wang's name gets mentioned?

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