Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I was watching Lou Dobbs on CNN last night and Douglas Brinkley, an author and historian who lives in New Orleans, was talking about the rebuilding and rebirth of the city. His argument was that despite the widespread damage to the French Quarter and the remainder of N.O., it will rise again because the soul of a city lives in its people. I couldn't agree more, and therefore we should have no problem razing New Orleans entirely, leaving the rubble for wetlands and building 20 miles inland. It's the people, not the location, right, Douglas?

This isn't popular, I know, but isn't it ridiculous to pump all the water out of the fishbowl just to demolish everything inside and start over when there's an excellent chance the same type of destruction could happen again, maybe even before an adequate levee and seawall system can be built? Who's going to insure businesses and homes? Will it be the American taxpayer, who already foots the bill for idiots who live in flood plains?


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