Friday, September 09, 2005

After discovering this week that President Bush's compassion for the poor must come from his mother's side of the family, Tom Delay goes Barbara one better and likens sleeping in the Astrodome to being at camp. Niiiiiiiicccce, but maybe an innocent mistake. It's possible Delay attended Camp Starvalotta or Camp Yourhomesagon when he was younger.

I'm guessing our friend Tom was just trying to make a few kids in a rough spot feel better, and we probably shouldn't beat him up too much for it. It's just that given the utter lack of urgency in disaster response from the Republican hierarchy, it's tough not to look at a Republican comparing being a refugee to sleeping out in the backyard and think, "Wow, are you that insensitive?"

I'm almost positive Delay isn't ... but some of those he pals around with sure as hell are.

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