Thursday, March 05, 2009

In an offseason of gagging head coaches and shedding malcontents, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has finally made the most obvious move of all -- releasing wide receiver Terrell Owens.

Any locker room and sideline is better without Owens, and while he's a great receiver, I think the equation reads:

NFLteam + TOskill + TOheadaches < NFLteam - TOskill - TOheadaches

He's just too much of a distraction, and there are plenty of receivers out there who may not be able to add his talent, but don't cause negatives everywhere else.

Does this signal a rebuilding phase for Dallas? Hardly. They have one of the league's finest quarterbacks in Tony Romo, a solid backfield, perennial All-Pro tight end Jason Witten and several strong wideouts.

Plus, you just know Jones is going to go out and land someone else to put even more flash in his offense.

Chad Johnson, anyone?

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