Friday, June 06, 2008

A nationwide furor has erupted over the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation apparently making plans to find a new theme song for Hockey Night In Canada.

Some people are really going overboard in their reaction, calling songwriter Dolores Claman's creation a second national anthem and the CBC traitors. The network has every right to find a new theme if it feels it's being gouged by the rights holders.

However, according to those who hold the copyright to the song, the theme was offered to the CBC at exactly the same price they've been paying in the past -- $500 per usage. However, the CBC insulted them by offering to buy the rights outright at about one-third the value (admittedly, the value assigned by the current rights holders).

Also, CBC Sports executive director Scott Moore is apparently an idiot. Quoted from the linked article:

Example #1:

Mr. Moore said the song is worth less than the rights holders believe because its value is drawn almost entirely from its association with Hockey Night in Canada.

Yes, but you're airing HNIC, which means when you buy it, it will be worth a ton. Anyone else, maybe not. You, a gold mine.

Example #2:

But a bigger stumbling block, Mr. Moore noted, is the ongoing lawsuit Ms. Claman and Mr. Ciccone's firm filed against the CBC in late 2004. The plaintiffs argue the network was using the song beyond the scope of the contract.

“You wouldn't do business with someone who's suing you. So we've offered many different ways to settle that litigation,” he said.

Except that the CBC has already said it made an offer to buy the song. So, in other words, you were attempting to business with the rights holders, and now the optics are that you made a crappy offer, ticked off the other side and are backpedaling like crazy.

I also know I have the option to buy that song as a ringtone. If the rights holders are suing partially for that reason, I think I can figure out who's pocketing the profits.

Pay the nice people, Scott, and make the bad publicity go away.


Anonymous said...

with what money?

The CBC is broke

Wayne Frazer said...

There's "I don't have $5 to put gas in my car" broke, and then there's CBC broke.

They have the dough.