Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I wasn't in the area when The Aud was the home of the Buffalo Sabres, but from talking with people who did attend games there, it sounds much like the Checkerdome in St. Louis -- ugly, loud, somewhat fan-unfriendly, and the best place in the world to see a hockey game.

Nicholas Battaglia and his mysterious friend, "The Truck", have started up The Aud Club, which has some recent pictures of what remains of the building. It's sad, and maybe even sadder The Aud will be replaced by a Bass Pro Shop.

What is it with cities letting these old arenas and stadiums go to pot? Maple Leaf Gardens is a mess and has been rumoured to be in transition to everything from a Loblaw's grocery store to John Ferguson Jr.'s sarcophagus (okay, I made that one up). Tiger Stadium in Detroit has been flooded at times and left to rot.

At least the Tigers auctioned off some of the contents, although I missed a chance at getting some of the stuff. I attended quite a few games there and don't think I've ever been so impressed at my first sight of a field. Walking down the tunnel into the field box seats and seeing the outfield grass at the stadium -- especially considering how dingy the remainder of the place was -- took your breath away.

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