Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Welcome to Week Twelve of the 2007 edition of The Hoser's NFL Picks, where if you like ‘em big, Vegas is catering to you.

The Hoser posted a decent 8-6-2 week against the spread (hate those three- and 10-point lines) and was 12-4 straight up. Of course, we managed to blow every single one of our extra picks. This week, we’re just throwing darts for those – after we remove the 8x10 of Ann Coulter that resides on our board now.

Remember – these picks are just for fun. Using them to wager money is advisable as having your wife head for the bathrooms off Ramp D at the Meadowlands.

Green Bay (-3.5) at DETROIT – O/U 47.5: Brett Favre’s mojo vs. a team that racked up a whopping 10 points against the Giants. Tough call. Packers 27, Lions 16.

NY Jets (+14) at DALLAS – O/U 48: Eric Mangini will run out of phones before the Cowboys stop scoring. Still, the line’s too big. Cowboys 34, Jets 21.

Indianapolis (-11.5) at ATLANTA – O/U 41.5: Joey Harrington earns a pair of wins, then gets benched when Byron Leftwich returns. Now the Falcons name Harrington the starter again. We’ll give Joey $50 if he walks out for the coin flip, drops trou and takes a dump on the team logo at midfield. Colts 28, Falcons 17.

Denver (-2.5) at CHICAGO – O/U 41: Remember when people used to fear the Bears’ defense? Broncos 23, Bears 17.

Tennessee (-1.5) at CINCINNATI – O/U 47: Which will suck less, the Titans’ offense or the Bengals’ defense? Titans 27, Bengals 20.

Buffalo (+7.5) at JACKSONVILLE – O/U 36: Did anyone hear John Madden talking Sunday night about eating a bunch of Buffalo wings billed as “suicidal”? What do they have for a septic tank on the Maddencruiser – a missile silo? Jaguars 23, Bills 14.

Oakland (+6) at KANSAS CITY – O/U 34.5: Great special at Arrowhead Stadium this week – buy two bratwurst combos and get one carry as a Chiefs running back. Raiders 20, Chiefs 16.

Houston (+3.5) at CLEVELAND – O/U 51.5: We’re hoping Phil Dawson gets a McDonald’s commercial with MJ and Bird – “Off my foot, off the upright, off the standard, nothing but confusion.” Browns 30, Texans 24.

Seattle (-3) at ST. LOUIS – O/U 44.5: The sad thing is after St. Louis wins this game, they’ll only be three games off the division lead after starting 0-8. Rams 26, Seahawks 20.

Minnesota (+7) at N.Y GIANTS – O/U 41: Tarvaris Jackson threw the ball 22 times last week and we’re wondering, “Why?” Giants 24, Vikings 14.

New Orleans (-2) at CAROLINA – O/U 41: Does anyone else look at Carolina’s receiving totals and think, “Dale Jarrett?” Panthers 22, Saints 20.

Washington (+3.5) at TAMPA BAY – O/U 37.5: Boy, that Clinton Portis trade has sure done wonders for the Redskins, hasn’t it? Buccaneers 20, Redskins 19.

San Francisco (+10.5) at ARIZONA – O/U 38: The 49ers picked up exactly one more rushing first down than The Hoser did last week. That’s no way to run a football team, son. Cardinals 29, 49ers 13.

Baltimore (+9.5) at SAN DIEGO – O/U 38.5: Can we start turning Matt Millen jokes into Norv Turner jokes now? Chargers 23, Ravens 16.

Philadelphia (+21) at NEW ENGLAND – O/U 49.5: With McNabb out for this game, we expected to see a +∞ for Philly. Patriots 40, Eagles 17.

Miami (+16) at PITTSBURGH – O/U 42: You lose to the Jets and you get a 16-point spread the next week? Oh, the Dolphins, right. Steelers 34, Dolphins 13.

Lock of the Week: Oakland

Trifecta: Oakland, Green Bay, St. Louis

Final Week Eleven results:

ATS: 8-6-2

SU: 12-4

Lock of the Week: 0-1

Trifecta: 0-1

The Money Game: -$560

For the season:

ATS: 82-70-8

SU: 108-52

Lock of the Week: 3-8

Trifecta: 1-10

The Money Game: $-2,860

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