Saturday, May 26, 2007

I just finished watching "Leela's Homeworld", an episode of from season four of Futurama. Does anyone else cry every time they see this one?

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It's not the funniest episode of the show, but damn it ... every time! There's an episode of Family Guy that does the same thing to me, the one where Brian ends up spending time with Pearl, and then holding her hand when she dies.

Anyone else? And stop laughing!


Anonymous said...

Hey Wayne,

Those two examples are fairly sad.

How about when Homer finally meets his mother. Throughout the course of the episode they get to know each other and catch up on lost time. There is a touching scene at the end that most people surprisingly miss...Homer is sitting on his car looking up at the stars obviously thinking about his mother.

That one always gets me.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, I just watched it and I definitely started shedding a few tears. It's just such a good episode. That one and the one about Fry's dog... Futurama really has some gems for episodes.