Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just a follow-up to my earlier post -- Carl Monday has now posted some more information pertaining to his report on library masturbation.

Reading Carl's webblog is a hoot. You find interesting spellings such as:

When asked what we were dong there we told them...and asked for their reaction.

Classic. He also kicked FOX celebrity Bill O'Reilly's name (O'Riley) and said some viewers were ready to tie and feather him.

I saved a screenshot of the page if you'd like to view it. Monday needs to have someone familiar with the English language have a lok at his stuff before it goes up, though.

As for the points Monday makes, if the father came charging out at him ... so what? You don't know how to shut off your microphone? If your son (who is obviously troubled) was on camera in front of your house with a guy with Carl Monday's reputation, you wouldn't come out angry?

I'm not saying Monday's reputation is bad, by the way ... just that he does the kind of reports in which you don't want to be featured. I would have been more surprised if the parents had walked out calmly and introduced themselves as big fans.

Finally, Monday says after the confrontation, "We gathered our gear and began to retreat." That's a lie, and a stupid one that is directly controverted by the video, as I pointed out above.

After the initial shouting, Monday repeatedly pokes a finger at the father and the camera keeps on rolling. Only after the father moves toward the cameraman does he start backing up. Then Monday grabs at the father's arms and that's when the mother and the masturbator start getting pushy.

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