Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I like to write, and from my track record as a newspaper columnist, people liked to read what I write. Now I'm not a newspaper columnist, however, but I still sit down and bang out the occasional column, and so rather than just keeping them to myself, I thought I'd share them. I mostly write about sports (and yes, I realize I'm using the word write a lot, but the other verbs for it sound so pompous -- who pens something, or authors it?), but anything else that strikes me, I might put up something about it.

I just moved to Canada in October after getting married. Yes, we met on the Internet. She beat me playing Scrabble, and who's going to stand for that? I got the ultimate revenge, though ... she has to wake up next to me every morning. Michelle has a four-year-old son, Cabot, who is an absolute riot. He's just about to start JK or whatever it's called up here. Preschool, where I'm from. He's sharp as a tack, and I think he's going to be a big kid -- I smell a linebacker.

I help run a hockey collectibles store in Barrie, ON -- TJ Sports at the Kozlov Centre -- and I also have a web site where I buy, sell and trade game-used hockey jerseys and equipment at Stop by and check it out. I usually have coffee brewing and a spare candybar or something.

I'll post more later. For now, I'll close by saying my thoughts today are with those families dealing with their loss after the cowardly attack on the underground in London.

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